Programme 2015



Interaction of Microscopic Structures and Organisms with Fluid Flows [flyer]
Coordinators: Olivia du Roure (Paris, FR), Michael Shelley (New York, NY, USA)
May 25 – 29

Dynamics of Bubbly Flows [flyer]
Coordinators: Frédéric Risso (Toulouse, FR), Chao Sun (Twente, NL)
June 8 – 12

Bone Cell and Tissue Mechanics [flyer]
Coordinator: Bert van Rietbergen (Eindhoven, NL)
June 22 – 26

21th CISM-IUTAM International Summer School on “Measurement, Analysis and Passive Control of Thermoacoustic Oscillations” [flyer]
Coordinator: Matthew Juniper (Cambridge, UK)
June 29 – July 3

Mixing and Dispersion in Flows Dominated by Rotation and Buoyancy [flyer]
Coordinators: Herman J.H. Clercx (Eindhoven, NL), GertJan van Heijst (Eindhoven, NL)
July 6 – 10

Mechanics of Liquid and Solid Foams [flyer]
Coordinators: Andrew Kraynik (Sandia, Albuquerque, NM, USA and Erlangen, DE), Stelios Kyriakides (Austin, TX, USA)
July 13 – 17

CISM - AIMETA Advanced School on “The Art of Modeling Mechanical Systems”[flyer]
Coordinators: Friedrich Pfeiffer (Munich, DE), Hartmut Bremer (Linz, AT)
Sponsored by AIMETA and GAMM
July 27 – 31


Similarity, Symmetry and Group Theoretical Methods in Mechanics [flyer]
Coordinators: Jean-Francois Ganghoffer (Vandoeuvre, FR), Ivailo Mladenov (Sofia, BG)
September 7 – 11

Particles in Wall-Bounded Turbulent Flows: Deposition, Re-Suspension and Agglomeration [flyer]
Coordinators: Jean-Pierre Minier (Chatou, FR), Jacek Pozorski (Gdansk, PL)
September 14 – 18

CISM-ECCOMAS International Summer School on “Modelling, Simulation and Characterization of Multi-Scale Heterogeneous Materials” [flyer]
Coordinators: Daniel Dias-da-Costa (Sydney, AU and Coimbra, PT), Stéphane Bordas (Cardiff, UK)
Sept. 28 – Oct. 2

Material Parameter Identification and Inverse Problems in Soft Tissue Biomechanics [flyer]
Coordinators: Stéphane Avril (Lyon, FR), Sam Evans (Cardiff, UK)
October 12 – 16


CO2 Capture Technologies to Mitigate Climate Change [flyer]
Coordinator: Josè-Manuel Valverde (Sevilla, ES)
July 20 – 24