Advanced Courses

The Sándor Kaliszky Session

Computational Methods for the Analysis, Design, and Failure of Composites
Apr 3, 2017 – Apr 7, 2017
Coordinated by Erasmo Carrera

CISM-AIMETA Advanced School on "Dynamic Stability and Bifurcation in Nonconservative Mechanics"
Apr 10, 2017 – Apr 14, 2017
Coordinated by Oleg Kirillov, Davide Bigoni

Mesoscale Models: from Micro-Physics to Macro-Interpretation
May 22, 2017 – May 26, 2017
Coordinated by Hussein Zbib, Sinisa Mesarovic, Samuel Forest

Towards a seamless Integration of CAD and Simulation
Jun 5, 2017 – Jun 9, 2017
Coordinated by Stéphane P.A. Bordas, Gernot Beer

23rd CISM-IUTAM International Summer School on "Growth and Remodeling in Soft Biological Tissue"
Jun 12, 2017 – Jun 16, 2017
Coordinated by Christian Cyron, Jay Humphrey

Continuum Mechanics and Physics of Liquid Crystals - CURRENTLY NOT SCHEDULED
Jun 26, 2017 – Jun 30, 2017
Coordinated by Luigi Vergori, Gaetano Napoli

Mechanics of Liquid and Solid Foams
Jul 3, 2017 – Jul 7, 2017
Coordinated by Andrew Kraynik, Stelios Kyriakides

Bone Cell and Tissue Mechanics
Jul 10, 2017 – Jul 14, 2017
Coordinated by Bert van Rietbergen

The Franz Ziegler Session

CISM-ECCOMAS International Summer School on "Novel Finite Element Technologies for Solids and Structures"
Sep 18, 2017 – Sep 22, 2017
Coordinated by Jörg Schröder, Paulo de Mattos Pimenta

Flowing Matter
Sep 25, 2017 – Sep 29, 2017
Coordinated by Bernhard Mehlig, Benjamin Dollet

Material Parameter Identification and Inverse Problems in Soft Tissue Biomechanics
Oct 16, 2017 – Oct 20, 2017
Coordinated by Sam Evans, Stéphane Avril

National APT Courses

Elementi di Ingegneria Forense in Campo Strutturale
Feb 15, 2017 – Feb 16, 2017
Coordinated by Franco Bontempi

Analisi e Verifica Sismica di Serbatoi e Silos
Oct 13, 2017 – Oct 13, 2017
Coordinated by Roberto Nascimbene

Valutazione della Sicurezza dei Rilevati Arginali
Nov 8, 2017 – Nov 10, 2017
Coordinated by Paolo Simonini

Joint Advanced Schools

CISM-JMBC Course on Complex Flows and Complex Fluids
May 8, 2017 – May 12, 2017
Coordinated by Federico Toschi

CISM-EMS School on Rationality, Stable Rationality and Birationally Rigidity of Complex Algebraic Varieties
Sep 3, 2017 – Sep 9, 2017
Coordinated by Ugo Bruzzo, Pietro De Poi, Francesco Zucconi

International APT Courses

Advanced Professional Training on "Pressure Control with Energy Production by PAT (Pump as Turbine) in Water Supply Networks"
Sep 11, 2017 – Sep 15, 2017
Coordinated by Armando Carravetta

Advanced Professional Training on "Highlights and Challenges in Diagnosis of Structural Integrity and Failures" - CURRENTLY NOT SCHEDULED
Oct 2, 2017 – Oct 6, 2017
Coordinated by Wieslaw Ostachowicz, Christian Boller


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CISM Short Courses are currently part of Doctoral programmes in a number of European Universities and Higher Education Institutes.

Upon agreement between CISM representatives, course coordinators and the director of the specific doctoral school, short courses can award credits for doctoral programmes.

A list of European Universities acknowledging CISM courses in the frame of doctoral programmes follows.