The Fluid Dynamics of Climate

Invited Lecturers

Annalisa Bracco (Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA)
5 lectures on: Coupled general circulation models: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Parametrizations: Physical processes and model representation. Parameter sensitivity and optimization. Uncertainty quantification.

Henk A. Dijkstra (University of Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands)
6 lectures on: Dynamical systems approach to the climate system: The North Atlantic Oscillation, El Niño, the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation, the Dansgaard-Oeschger events and the Pleistocene Ice Ages.

Klaus Fraedrich (Max Planck Institute for Metereology, Hamburg, Germany)
6 lectures on: Climate, Chaos and Catastrophes; Bridging in time (long term memory and extremes), in space (teleconnections and dynamical causes of extremes), and in models (synchronisation and largest Lyapunov exponent). Land cover: Vegetation, rivers, lakes, and glaciers.

Michael Ghil (Envir. Research & Teach. Inst. CERES-ERTI, Paris Cedex 05, France)
6 lectures on: The climate system as a fluid-dynamical system. Some basic facts of atmospheric and oceanic life: rotation and stratification. Low-frequency variability (LFV) in the atmosphere and the oceans. Paleoclimate and the role of ice sheets.

Claudia Pasquero (University of Milan - Bicocca, Milano, Italy)
6 lectures on: Physics of radiative and convective heat transfer in the atmosphere. Ocean sideways convection. Conditional instability and convective available potential energy in the atmosphere and in the ocean. Tropical cyclones and their connections with climate.

Antonello Provenzale (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Torino, Italy)
5 lectures on: The global hydrological cycle. Precipitation, evapotranspiration and runoff. Large-scale transport in the climate system. Climate dynamics at regional scale and interaction between different climatic regimes.


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