Extremely Deformable Structures

Invited Lecturers

Basile Audoly (Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France)
6 lectures on: Solutions for slender rods in extreme conditions. Extremely fast: self-similar coiling dynamics of a long circular spring; extremely soft: capillary deformation of a soft elastic rod immersed in a fluid; extremely entangled: a knot tied on an elastic rod; extremely brittle: fragmentation of beams; extremely squeezed: an elastic ring under pressure.

Katia Bertoldi (University of Harvard, Cambridge, USA)
6 lectures on: Periodic structures, instabilities, waves propagation. How to model periodic structures and their non-linear behavior, basic examples and numerical analysis. Microscopic & macroscopic instabilities. Adaptive structural materials: exploiting instabilities to design morphable structures.

Davide Bigoni (Università di Trento, Trento, Italy)
6 lectures on: New instability phenomena in elastic structures. Buckling under tensile load; effects of constraint’s curvature; decreasing stiffness increases critical load; configurational forces and instability; flutter and divergence instabilities as related to Coulomb friction.

Alain Goriely (Oxford University, Oxford, Great Britain)
6 lectures on: Extremely deformable structures in bio-mechanics and growth. Anelasticity in large deformations. A general theory of morpho-elasticity. The role of anisotropy and dispersion in biological structures. Growth induced buckling in biological systems. The differential geometry of anelastic large deformations.

Sébastien Neukirch (Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France)
6 lectures on: Bifurcations and path-following for nonlinear elastic rods and solids. Nonlinear equilibrium equations. Stability. Path-following: the shooting method, arc-length continuation, and implementation in Mathematica.

Sergio Pellegrino (California Inst. of Technology, Pasadena, USA)
6 lectures on: Folding and deployment of thin-shell structures. Mechanics of tape springs. Homogenized ABD matrix. Failure criteria. Quasi-static folding. Dynamic deployment and self-latching. Design optimization techniques.


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