Singular Configurations of Mechanisms and Manipulators

Invited Lecturers

Oriol Bohigas (Parc Tecnològic de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain)
6 lectures on: Numerical Analysis in and Near Singularities of Parallel Mechanisms: Geometric, algebraic, and numerical viewpoints on the singularity concept. Proximity measures to singularities. Problems with dexterity indices. Interval analysis for singularity detection. Static and dextrous workspace. Dimensional design for singularity-free workspace.

Manfred Husty (University Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria)
8 lectures on: Algebraic-geometry and Robot Singularities: Algebraic parameterizations of displacement groups, canonical equations of a mechanism, forward and inverse kinematics. Solution methods for systems of polynomial equations. Representation of singularities in different parameter spaces. Self-motions of parallel robots. Singularity-free paths between different assemblies of parallel mechanisms. Operation modes of parallel robots and transitions between them.

Andreas Müller (University of Michigan-Shanghai - Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China)
7 lectures on: Geometric aspect and higher-order analysis of singularities: Lie group modeling. Kinematic control problems, accessibility algebra. Stability under geometric deformations. Escape from singularities. Generic singularities of serial manipulators. Mobility and higher-order local analysis. Second-order end-effector singularities. Singularities of end-effector curves.

Philippe Wenger (Institut de Recherche en Comm. et Cybernétique de Nantes, Nantes Cedex 3, France)
7 lectures on: Cuspidal Robots: Singularities and the global and regional properties of a manipulator’s work- and configuration spaces: Cusp-like manipulator singularities, cuspidal robots. Necessary and sufficient conditions, types of cuspidal robots. Case studies. Parallel and higher-DOF cuspidal robots.

Dimiter Zlatanov (Università di Genova, Genova, Italy)
8 lectures on: Definition, Classification, Identification of Singularities. Screw Systems and Singularities: Configuration space, input and output maps, definition of singularity. Forward, inverse, and configuration space singularities. Singularity types and classes. Singularity criteria and identification. Numerical determination of singularity sets. Screw geometry and singularities. Constraint singularities as C-space singularities.


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