CISM-AIMETA Advanced School on "Global Nonlinear Dynamics for Engineering Design and System Safety"

Invited Lecturers

Paulo B. Goncalves (Catholic University, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

6 lectures on: Structural instability, dynamic buckling; transient and steady-state response; nonlinear dynamics of structures liable to unstable interactive buckling; reduced order modeling, modal coupling and global dynamics; parametrically excited cylindrical shells; stochasticity in system parameters and excitation: effects on system response and dynamic integrity.

Stefano Lenci (Polytechnic University of Marche, Ancona, Italy)
7 lectures on: Dynamic integrity: interpreting/predicting experimental response, getting hints towards load carrying capacity of systems; techniques for control of chaos; a unified framework for controlling global dynamics; response of uncontrolled/controlled systems in macro- and micro-mechanics; from simple models to more realistic multidimensional systems: high-speed computation of basins of attraction.

Giuseppe Rega (Sapienza University of Rome, Roma, Italy)
7 lectures on: Revisiting nonlinear dynamics in the engineering design perspective: theoretical vs practical stability, local vs global dynamics; dynamic integrity concept and tools: safe basin, robustness of competing attractors, erosion and escape as failure mechanisms; analyzing global dynamics of engineering systems; nonlinear dynamics, local and global control of atomic force microscopes; a novel paradigm for safe and aware design.

Jian-Qiao Sun (University of California at Merced, Merced, USA)
6 lectures on: Cell mapping methods for computation of basins of attraction: fundamentals and new developments; computational nonlinear dynamics; parallelized multi-degree-of-freedom cell mapping; global analysis and control of deterministic and stochastic systems; bifurcations of forced oscillators with fuzzy uncertainties; dynamical systems with time delay.

Michael Thompson (University of Cambridge, Cambridge, Great Britain)
6 lectures on: Basic concepts in theoretical stability of systems and structures; fundamentals on bifurcation and global dynamics; static-dynamic analogy.

Mohammad Younis (Binghamton University and KAUST, Thuwal, Saudi Arabia)
6 lectures on: MEMS and NEMS: fundamentals and applications (micro-resonators, -sensors, -switches, carbon nanotubes, atomic force microscopes); transduction methods in MEMS/NEMS; modeling of MEMS; multistability in MEMS/NEMS; global dynamics and escape: pull-in instability, jump-to-contact; predicting experimental response in micro-mechanics.


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