CISM-ECCOMAS International Summer School on "Novel Finite Element Technologies for Solids and Structures"

Invited Lecturers

Fleurianne Bertrand (Universität Duisburg-Essen, Essen, Germany)
6 lectures on: the Virtual Finite Element and Mixed Finite Element Methods for large strains based on isotropic and anisotropic polyconvex strain energy functions with and without constraints and the usage of automated approaches.

Sven Klinkel (RWTH Aachen University, Aachen, Germany)
6 lectures on: isogeometric analysis for solids and shells: analysis of solids in boundary representation, collocation methods and Galerkin formulation and appropriate approximations for isogeometric shell formulations.

Jože Korelc (Univ. of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia)
6 lectures on: automation of computational modelling: symbolic systems, automatic differentiation, generation of numerical codes, introduction to AceGen, direct and sensitivity analysis of coupled path-dependent problems, ADB formulation of hyperelasticity, finite-strain plasticity and advanced finite element formulations.

Paulo de Mattos Pimenta (Polytechnic School - University of Sao Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil)
6 lectures on: different formulations and boundary conditions for geometrically nonlinear beam and shell formulations. Special attention will be given to Kirchhoff-Love shell models, to contact among beams and shells, as well as to flexible body systems.

Joachim Schöberl (University Vienna, Wien, Austria)
6 lectures on: mixed variational formulations and their discretization, hybridization and related Discontinuous Galerkin methods and concept of robust preconditioning techniques for large scale problems.

Jörg Schröder (University of Duisburg-Essen, Essen, Germany)
6 lectures on: novel finite-element formulations for stable calculations of complex materials in nonlinear applications. A main focus will be on materials with strong anisotropy together with nearly incompressibility.


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