Fluid Dynamics Effects on Particle Formation in Crystallization Processes

Invited Lecturers

Matthaus Babler (Royal Institute of Technology KTH, Stockholm, Sweden)

4 lectures on: Derivation of breakage and aggregation rates from simulations. Fluid-particle interactions and their influence on the processing of colloids and micrometer sized particles in crystallization processes.

Richard D. Braatz (MIT, Cambridge, USA)

4 lectures on: Population balance models for crystal nucleation and growth. Coupling with CFD: potentials and pitfalls. Optimal design of pharmaceutical crystallizers.

Jos Derksen (University of Aberdeen, UK)

4 lectures on: Introduction to fully-resolved simulations for multiphase flows. Fully-resolved solid-liquid simulations. Application of fully-resolved simulations to aggregation and breakage.

Cristian Marchioli (University of Udine, Italy)

4 lectures on: Introduction to the course. Introduction on turbulence and particle-turbulence interaction. Theory of turbulent particle aggregation and breakage. Point-particle approach to turbulent aggregation and breakage. Derivation of breakage rates from simulations (anisotropy, inertial and ductility effects).

Daniele Marchisio (Polytechnic of Turin, Italy)

4 lectures on: Theory of population balances in the context of multiphase flow. Euler-Euler methods for multiphase flows. Quadrature-based moment methods for population balances.Example applications.

Jan Sefcik (University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK)

4 lectures on: Kinetics of mixing-controlled particle formation processes. Aggregation and clustering in colloidal and molecular system.


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