Stability and Serviceability of Controlled Structures

Invited Lecturers

Biswajit Basu (Dublin Trinity College, Dublin 2, Ireland)

Subject: Vibration control of wind turbines

6 lectures on: wind turbines, fatigue load, vibration limits, pitch control, downtime, power curve.

Sara Casciati (University of Catania, Italy)

Subject: Vibration controlled footbridges

6 lectures on: serviceability of footbridges, vibration control strategies, cable-stayed scheme, geometric nonlinearities, human induced loading, cable tension estimate, offline active control.

Michael Krommer (TU Wien, Austria)

Subject: Stability and post-buckling behaviour of controlled smart structures

6 lectures on: controlled smart structures, piezoelectricity, dielectric elastomers, plates and shells, stability and post-buckling behaviour, stress and stability control.

Paul Reynolds (University of Exeter, UK)

Subject: Vibration controlled floor structures

6 lectures on: floor vibration serviceability, vibration-sensitive equipment, passive control, active control, vibration isolation, floor damping.

Marian Wiercigroch (University of Aberdeen, UK)

Subject: Dynamics, stability and control of the quasi-zero stiffness isolators

6 lectures on: nonlinear oscillators with quasi-zero-stiffness (QZS), bifurcation analysis, stability, dynamics and control, vibration isolation.

Daniele Zulli (University of L'Aquila, Italy)

Subject: Stability of passively controlled structures using either nonlinear energy sinks or piezoelectric devices.

6 lectures on: Nonlinear Energy Sinks (NES), Multiple Scale Harmonic Balance Method, optimization; piezoelectric-based passive control strategies, bifurcation scenario, Hopf bifurcations, Ziegler’s column, principle of similarity, gyroscopic coupling.


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