Mechanobiology and Tribology of the Skin - from Experimental Characterisation to Modelling

Invited Lecturers

Michel Destrade (NUI Galway, Ireland)

5 lectures on: Mechanical surface instabilities in biological soft tissues; skin wrinkles; mathematical and numerical stability analyses; wave propagation techniques for skin Langer lines characterisation.

Amit Gefen (Tel Aviv University, Ramat Aviv, Israel)

6 lectures on: Fundamental aspects of the mechanobiology of skin; tissue engineering and numerical modelling aspects of skin tissue and cell mechanobiology (pressure ulcers and wound healing); image-based patient-specific modelling of skin mechanobiology for clinical applications.

Jakub Lengiewicz (Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland)

6 lectures on: Finite strain contact mechanics; finite element contact formulations; multiscale contact homogenisation procedures (general principles, techniques and applications to soft matter and the skin).

Georges Limbert (University of Southampton, UK and University of Cape Town, South Africa)

6 lectures on: Hierarchical structure of the skin; non-linear continuum mechanics; constitutive modelling of the skin and associated finite element techniques; image-based modelling of the skin; non-linear finite element procedures for wrinkling analysis.

Marc Masen (Imperial College London, UK)

6 lectures on: Surface physics of soft matter; applications of skin tribology; experimental characterisation of tribological properties of the skin; friction and adhesion theories for skin, sensitivity of skin friction to surface energy and environmental conditions.

Edoardo Mazza (ETH Zürich, Switzerland)

6 lectures on: Experimental techniques for skin characterisation and inverse numerical identification procedures.


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