Materials, Electro-Mechanical and Biomedical Devices Based on Nanofibers

Invited Lecturers

Karen De Clerck (Ghent University, Belgium)

4 lectures on: Thermo-mechanical analysis of electrospun fibers, fibrous assemblies and nanocomposite films enhanced with nanofibers, composites enhanced with electrospun fibers: failure mechanisms and micromechanical mechanisms of nanofibers, composites enhanced with electrospun fibers: from delamination lab-testing to realistic composites.

Tomasz A. Kowalewski (IPPT-PAN, Warsaw, Poland)

with Filippo Pierini
8 lectures on: Hydrogels: mechanical properties, transport properties of particles, droplets, filaments, hydrogels for drug delivery and tissue recovery, electrically conductive network polymer nanomaterials, stimuli-responsive nanomaterials for biomedical application, nanofibrous hemostatic agents: blood-nanofiber interactions.

Marco Lauricella (CNR, IAC "Mauro Picone", Rome, Italy)

6 lectures on: Electrospinning of polymer solution, electrical and rheological properties of charged polymer jets, formation of the precursor of electrospun jets, driven bending instability, modeling the electrospinning process: numerical approaches, alignment of electrospun nanofibers.

Filippo Pierini (IPPT-PAN, Warsaw, Poland)

Filippo Pierini will hold his lectures along with professor Tomasz A. Kowalewski

Dario Pisignano (Pisa University, Italy)

6 lectures on: Organic light-emitting materials, organic and plastic devices: sensing, biosensing, microfluidics; wetting of nanofibrous materials, photonics based on polymer NFs, piezoelectric NFs: interplay with light-emitting materials, NFs for biomedicine and cell cultures.

Alexander Yarin (University of Illinois at Chicago, USA)

6 lectures on: Self-healing vascular nano-textured materials, biopolymer nanofibers and their applications, soft robots and actuators based on nanofibers, sustainable biopolymer nanofiber-based triboelectric nanogenerators, metallized nanofibers, nanofiber-based heaters and sensors.

Eyal Zussman (Technion, Haifa, Israel)

6 lectures on: Polyelectrolytes-based nanofibers, polyelectrolytes complex nanofibers, actuation based on polyelectrolytes complex nanofibers, drug release based on polyelectrolytes complex nanofibers.


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