Microfluidics: History, Theory and Applications

Invited Lecturers

Jordan MacInnes (University of Sheffield, Sheffield, Great Britain)

5 lectures on:
Physical modelling of complex fluid systems. Theory of 3D time dependent electrically-driven flow and reactions in microflows; Scale up of microchannel reactors.

Carl Meinhart (University California , Santa Barbara, Cal, USA)

5 lectures on:
Development and analysis of MEMS-based micro-fluidic devices; Optical instrumentation for micro-scale fluid mechanics; Fluid slip at hydrophobic microchannel walls.

Stephen Quake (California Institute of Techn., Pasadena, CA, USA)

5 lectures on
Biophysics and biotechnology; microfluidics; single molecule detection and manipulation.

Peter Styring (University of Sheffield, Sheffield, Great Britain)

5 lectures on:
Polymeric soft actuators (elastomer gels); Chemical micro reactors; Novel catalysts for continuous flow reactors. Simulation-Experiment interface. New immobilised catalysts and catalytic processes. Self-organising materials: Liquid crystals, Polymers, Biomatter for novel device and processing applications.

Vaclav Tesar (University of Sheffield, Sheffield, Great Britain)

6 lectures on:
Fluidics: No-moving-part fluid flow control.
Mechanics of fluid jets; Characterization of two-terminal fluidic devices; Hypervector characterisation of multi-terminal fluidic devices; Microfluidics and mechanics of low re phenomena; Microfluidics: Devices driven by electrokinetic phenomena.

William Zimmerman (University of Sheffield, Sheffield, Great Britain)

9 lectures on:
Survey of droplet formation, biophysical applications, magnetic separation, micromixing and reaction, thermocapillary driven mass transfer in two phase flows, computational fluid dynamics, polymer based microfluidics, polymer dynamics in microfluidic systems and modifications to fluid flow due to interactions with flexible surfaces and surface morphology effects (micron-scale pits and grooves), particle flow, high-throughput combinational chemical reaction engineering.

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