Atmospheric Convection: Research and Operational Forecasting Aspects

Invited Lecturers

Harold Brooks (Nat. Severe Storms Laboratory, Norman, Oklahoma 73069, USA)
4 lectures on: Overview of mesoscale convective phenomena, their classification, monitoring and forecasting: the USA experience.
Dario Giaiotti (ARPA FVG -CRMA, Udine, Palmanova (Udine), Italy)
4 lectures on: The role of mesoscale boundary condition in the formation of convective local severe weather over limited areas in mid latitude complex terrain.
Paul Markowski (Pennsylvania State Univ., University Park, PA 16802, USA)
6 lectures on: Boundary layer instability and atmospheric convection as a source for mesoscale weather phenomena.
Renzo Mosetti (Ist. Naz. di Oceanografia, Trieste, Italy)
4 lectures on: Circulation and thermohaline common features of shallow seas and lagoons. The Adriatic Sea case and its influence on the atmospheric boundary layer.
Reinhold Steinacker (University of Vienna, Wien, Austria)
5 lectures on: The orografic effects on the atmospheric flows in the alpine region and the occurrence of local severe weather as a response of synoptic forcing.
Fulvio Stel (ARPA FVG -CRMA, Udine, Palmanova (UD), Italy)
4 lectures on: Weather forecasts verification in limited areas characterized by a high severe weather frequency. Methods for the evaluation of the goodness of forecast, their quality and their economical value.

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