Pattern Formation at Interfaces with Applications to Biomedical, Materials and Physico-Chemical Processes

Invited Lecturers

Michael Bestehorn (BT Univ. Cottbus, Cottbus, Germany)

6 lectures on:
Three-dimensional film dynamics. Three-dimensional simulations of convection in pure fluids and binary mixtures. Large-scale instabilities in thin and ultrathin films. Break-up and formation of dry spots.

Pierre Colinet (Free University of Brussels, Brussels, Belgium)

6 lectures on:
Interfacial patterns and waves in liquid layers and thin films. The origin of interfacial instabilities, transport processes and phase change, competing forces, modeling aspects and experimental evidence.

Alexander Golovin (Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, USA)

6 lectures on:
Interfacial phenomena in materials science. Interfaces in materials science problems: solidification, crystal growth, epitaxial growth, electrodeposition. Characteristic aspects of solid surfaces: effects of anisotropy, morphological instability and dendrites, formation of facets, roughening of growing surfaces, elastically driven instabilities and formation of nanostructures in thin epitaxial films.

Ranga Narayanan (University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, USA)

6 lectures on:
Phase change phenomena and falling film instabilities. Front moving instabilities such as evaporation, electrodeposition and solidification. Physical origin of the patterns and applications to materials and biomedical science. Biomedical applications of transport phenomena and pattern formation.

Alexander Nepomnyashchy (Technion-Isr. Inst. of Technol, Haifa, Israel)

6 lectures on:
Nonlinear dynamics of fronts. Front propagation in dissipative systems: reaction-diffusion systems, heat convection, phase transitions. Transverse instabilities of fronts as the origin of complex spatio-temporal dynamics.

Leonid M. Pismen (Technion - Israel I. of Techn., Haifa, Israel)

5 lectures on:
Dynamic diffuse interface theory. Continuous approach for the description of the gas-liquid interface. Paradoxes of the contact line dynamics and their elimination.

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