Privacy statement

CISM wishes to inform participants and delegates that all personal data supplied by its users will be collected and processed in strict compliance with the provisions of the law as set out in art.13 of Italian Legislative Decree no.196/2003 regarding the protection of personal data. To this end, data collection and processing will adhere to the principles of fairness, lawfulness and transparency.

Processing methods: Your data will be input into a computer data bank and processed electronically. The provision of personal identification and fiscal details is a compulsory requirement: failure to provide said data may result in the service requested being withheld. Consent for the use of one’s personal data for communication purposes and for the purposes of receiving notification of CISM events and activities via fax or email is optional.

Use of personal data: All personal data collected will be used in relation to contractual requirements and undertakings to ensure that the services you have requested are provided in full and are correctly administered. The provision of your email address further enables CISM to inform you of future training events and other initiatives at the Centre.

Data storage: All personal data will be collected, stored and processed in both paper and electronic format. Paper records and the centrally controlled computer archive will be housed at the Centre’s registered headquarters.

Communication and disclosure of data: Processing data for the purposes of providing the services requested may entail the organization sharing the information with employees under its direct authority or those working for autonomous organizations, consultants and other qualified professionals such as managers or other appointees as stipulated in art.4, 1 letter “g” of Italian Legislative Decree no.196/2003. The data will not, however, be disclosed to other institutions, companies or third party individuals.

Data controller: The data processing controller is The International Centre for the Mechanical Sciences whose registered offices are located at 18, Piazza Garibaldi, 33100 Udine.

Data protection measures: The protection of personal data is guaranteed by means of electronic systems and appropriate technical measures.

Correction, integration and cancellation of personal data: You are entitled to exercise your rights pursuant to art. 7 of Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003, at any time by contacting the data controller in order to obtain the following information: – the origin and nature of the data collected about you, – the manner in which your personal data is collected and processed, – the use to which your personal data will be put, – details regarding the identity of the data controller, – details regarding the parties to whom your data has been disclosed. You are further entitled to: – receive confirmation of the existence of personal details contained in CISM’s archives, – check the accuracy of personal data and request additions, updates or amendments, – request the cancellation of personal data, – withold permission in full or in part for your data to be used.