CISM and Computational Mechanics Publications

001 - M.H. ALIABADI - C.A. BREBBIA - V.Z. PARTON - (1994)
Static and Dynamic Fracture Mechanics


CISM books are produced by the Centre in Udine and published by Springer.
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CISM Courses and Lectures. These are lecture notes, monographs, and proceedings of activities organized by the Centre and presenting the state of the art in the fields of Mechanics, Engineering, Computer Science, and Applied Mathematics.

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The Rectors of CISM: E. Guazzelli (F), F.G. Rammerstorfer (A), W. A. Wall (D)
The Secretary General of CISM: B. A. Schrefler, Padua (I)
The Executive Editor: P. Serafini, Udine (I).

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CISM and Computational Mechanics Publications

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