CISM • International Centre for Mechanical Sciences

Tentative Programme 2021

After the closure due to the coronavirus emergency, the headquarters of the Center is open again.
Despite the obvious difficulties, we are preparing the program of activities for 2021.


Erwin Stein Session

CISM-UNIUD Advanced School on
Optimization of Shape and Material Properties: Advanced Mathematical Methods and 3D
Coordinators: Giovanni Noselli (Trieste, I), Rodica Toader (Udine, I)
April 12 -16

Fluid Mechanics of Planets and Stars
Coordinators: Michael Le Bars (Marseille, F), Daniel Lecoanet (Evanston, USA)
April 19 – 23

Composite manufacturing processes. Analyses, modelling and simulations
Coordinators: Philippe Boisse (Lyon, F), Luise Kärger (Karlsruhe, D)
April 26 – 30

Advanced Theories for Deformation, Damage and Failure in Materials
Coordinators: Holm Altenbach (Magdeburg, D), Artur Ganczarski (Cracow, PL)
May 3 – 7

Advanced Professional Training on Mechanics, Tribology and Manufacturing Processes
Coordinators: Niels Bay (Lyngby, DK), Pierre Montmitonnet (Paris, F)
May 10 – 14

CISM-ESOF Advanced School on
Physically Based Modelling of Superconductors and Their Most Advanced Applications
Coordinator: Błażej Skoczeń (Cracow, PL)
May 24 – 28

Data-Driven Mechanics: Constitutive Model-Free Approach
Coordinators: Michael Ortiz (Pasadena, CA, USA), Laurent Stainier (Nantes, F)
May 31 – June 4

Electro- and Magneto-Mechanics of Soft Solids: Experiments, Modeling, and Instabilities
Coordinators: Kostas Danas (Palaiseau, F), Oscar Lopez-Pamies (Urbana-Champaign, IL, USA)
June 7 - 11

Physics of Granular Suspensions: Micro-Mechanics of Geophysical Flows
Coordinators: Marco Mazzuoli (Genova, I), Laurent Lacaze (Toulouse, F)
June 14 - 18

25th CISM-IUTAM International Summer School
Instability and Bifurcation of Solids Including Coupled Field Phenomena
Coordinators: Luis Dorfmann (Medford, MA USA), Ray Ogden (Glasgow, UK)
June 21 - 25

CISM-AIMETA Advanced School on
Exploiting the Use of Strong Nonlinearity in Dynamics and Acoustics
Coordinators: Oleg V. Gendelman (Haifa, IL), Alexander F. Vakakis (Urbana, IL, USA)
June 28 – July 2

Metamaterial in Acoustics, Elastodynamics and Electromagnetism
Coordinators: Habib Ammari (Zürich, CH), Agnès Maurel (Paris, F)
July 12 – 16

Materials and Electro-Mechanical and Biomedical Devices Based on Nanofibers
Coordinators: Tomasz A. Kowalewski (Warsaw, PL), Alexander L. Yarin (Chicago, USA)
July 19 – 23

Advanced Professional Training on Discrete Computational Mechanics of Masonry Structures
Coordinators: Katalin Bagi (Budapest, H), Maurizio Angelillo (Salerno, I)
July 26 - 30

Masanobu Shinozuka Session

Mechanics of Smart and Bio-Hybrid Gels: Experiments, Theory, Numerical Simulation
Coordinators: Mattia Bacca (Vancouver, CAN), Alessandro Lucantonio (Pisa, I)
August 30 - September 3

Bone Cell and Tissue Mechanics
Coordinator: Bert van Rietbergen (Eindhoven, NL)
September 6 – 10

Batteries - Basic Principles, Experimental Investigations and Modeling Across Scales
Coordinators: Arnulf Latz (Ulm, D), Wolfgang A. Wall (Munich, D)
September 20 – 24 (dates to be confirmed)

CISM-ECCOMAS Advanced School on
Computational Mechanics for Novel Designs of Advanced Materials
Coordinators: Michele Marino (Hannover, D), Jörg Schröder (Duisburg-Essen, D)
October 4 – 8

Transport Phenomena on Textured Surfaces: Fundamentals and Applications
Coordinators: Darren Crowdy (London, UK), Marc Hodes (Medford, MA, USA )
October 11 – 15 (dates to be confirmed)

Metal Additive Manufacturing: Fundamentals, Modeling, Materials, and Implementation
Coordinators: Christoph Meier (Munich, D), A. John Hart (Cambridge, MA, USA)
October 18 – 22