Department of Energy and Environment

Safe, secure, sustainable and affordable energy is the key to future growth and prosperity. Satisfying this need involves encouraging the efficient use of energy and identifying energy technologies, both existing and emerging, capable of strengthening security of supply and sustainability at a relatively low cost. Such difficult goals can be achieved only through public awareness of energy efficiency, energy consumption and environmentally sustainable energy solutions. In this framework, the mission of the Department of Energy and Environment is

• to advance understanding of energy and environmental issues;
• to disseminate knowledge of energy systems, with particular emphasis on those systems which enable the energy needs of society to be met sustainably;
• to evaluate potential reductions in fossil fuel consumption, and related environmental impact, due to improvements in energy efficiency and increased contributions of renewable energy;
• to ensure unbiased information on key energy and environmental issues;
• to provide educational opportunities in energy and environmental fields through seminars, technical publications and online activities (downloads, in Italian).

Core values of the Department of Energy and Environment are

• independence, answerable only to good science and public benefit;
• transparency, based on data evaluation and information sharing;
• respect, shown in recognizing diversity of ideas and people;
• internationalism of CISM, reflecting both the global and local nature of energy and environmental issues.

Services provided by the Department of Energy and Environment include:

• knowledge transfer;
• advice to industries on energy saving;
• advice to local authorities on energy and environmental issues, and
• coordination with international centres and institutes.