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Programme 2024

Here is the list of the 2024 International Advanced Courses:


Drops, Jets and Films
May 6 - 10
Coordinators: Cameron Tropea (Darmstadt, DE), Alexander Yarin (Chicago, IL, USA)

Experimental Substructuring and Transfer Path Analysis for Structural Assemblies
May 13 - 17

Coordinators: Gregor Cepon (Ljubljana, SLO), Daniel Rixen (Munich, DE)

Localization and Ductile Failure: Experimental, Theoretical and Computational Aspects
May 20 - 24

Coordinators: Ahmed Benallal (Paris, FR), Odd Sture Hopperstad (Trondheim, NO)

Physics of Musical Instruments Applied to Instrument Making
May 27 - 31

Coordinators: José Antunes (Lisboa, PT), Jean-Pierre Dalmont (Le Mans, FR)

Hysteresis in Functional Materials: from Physical Models to Numerical Simulation
June 3 - 7

Coordinators: Manfred Kaltenbacher (Graz, AT), Astrid Pechstein (Linz, AT)

Fluid Mechanics of Buildings for Energy, Health, and Well-Being
June 10 - 14

Coordinator: Henry Burridge (London, UK)

Microphysics of Atmospheric Clouds
June 17 - 21

Coordinator: Daniela Tordella (Turin, IT)

Bone Cell and Tissue Mechanics
June 17 - 21

Coordinator: Gwendolen Reilly (Sheffield, UK)

27th CISM-IUTAM International Summer School
Multi-Field Problems Across Different Scales - Materials for the Development of Green Technologies
June 24 - 28

Coordinators: Jörg Schröder (Essen, DE), Michele Marino (Rome, IT)

9th CISM-ECCOMAS Advanced Course
Variational Fracture Mechanics and Phase-Field Models
July 1 - 5

Coordinators: Laura De Lorenzis (Zurich, CH), Corrado Maurini (Paris, FR)

10th CISM-AIMETA Advanced Course
Mechanics of Active and Biological Structures: from Fundamentals to Recent Results
July 8 - 12

Coordinators: Antonio De Simone (Pisa, IT), Pedro Reis (Lausanne, CH)

CISM-EUROMECH Advanced Course
Computational Modelling of the Heart: from Fundamentals to Clinical Applications
July 8 - 12

Coordinators: Juan Carlos del Alamo (Seattle, MA, USA), Manuel Garcia-Villalba (Wien, AT)

Inverse Problems for Mechanical Systems: Methods, Simulations and Experiments
July 15 - 19

Coordinators: Alexandre Kawano (São Paulo, BR), Antonino Morassi (Udine, IT)

Dense Particulate Flows: From Micromechanical to Macroscopic Modeling
July 22 - 26

Coordinators: Pascale Aussillous (Marseille, FR), Bernhard Vowinckel (Braunschweig, DE)


Contact Mechanics in Multibody Dynamics: From Modeling to Applications
September 2 - 6

Coordinators: Paulo Flores (Minho, PT), Christian Hesch (Siegen, DE)

CISM-EUROMECH Advanced Course
Model Reduction and Machine Learning for Solids, Fluids and Controls
September 9 - 13

Coordinators: George Haller (Zürich, CH), Jain Shobhit (Delft, NL)

Tensegrity Systems: From Biomechanics to Mechanical Metamaterials
September 16 - 20

Coordinators: Fernando Fraternali (Salerno, IT), Julián Rimoli (Irvine, CA, USA)

Computational and Geometric Mechanics of Discrete and Continuum Systems
September 23 - 27

Coordinators: Andreas Müller (Linz, AT), Zdravko Terze (Zagreb, HR)

Time and Rate-Dependent Damage Evolution and Fracture in Advanced Composites
September 30 - October 4

Coordinators: Tomasz Sadowski (Lublin, PL), Holm Altenbach (Magdeburg, DE)

Dynamics of Human Balancing
October 14 - 18

Coordinators: Tamás Insperger (Budapest, HU), John Milton (Austin, TX, USA)

Domain Decomposition and Multigrid Methods for Computational Structure Mechanics
October 21 - 25

Coordinator: Pierre Gosselet (Lille, FR)

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