CISM • International Centre for Mechanical Sciences


Before registering the applicants need to consider the following information:
CISM doesn't request payment or send invoices before the course and its format are confirmed (at the latest one month before the beginning of the course).
If it won't be possible to hold some courses in presence, then CISM will ask the "in presence" applicants if they wish to switch their application to the "online" mode.
However, it has to be taken into account that the "in presence" places are very limited in order to guarantee safe distances between people.

Therefore the applicants can:
1) register to the "online" course and eventually switch to the "in presence" course;
2) register to the "in presence" course and then switch to the "online" course.
These changes should be done in accordance with the secretariat and before paying the registration fee.
Relevant requests should be sent to