CISM • International Centre for Mechanical Sciences



Fluid Mechanics of Planets and Stars
Coordinators: Michael Le Bars (Marseille, F), Daniel Lecoanet (Evanston, IL, USA)
April 17 - 21

Plastic Anisotropy and Damage from Single Crystal to Engineering Scale
Coordinators: Oana Cazacu (Gainesville, FL, USA), José A. Rodriguez-Martinez (Madrid, ES)
May 22 - 26

Interfacial Flows – The Power and Beauty of Asymptotic Methods
Coordinator: Bernhard Scheichl (Wien, A)
June 5 - 9

Nonlinear Electro- and Magneto-Mechanics: Theory, Computations, and Experiments
Coordinators: Prashant Saxena (Glasgow, UK), Paul Steinmann (Erlangen, D)
June 12 - 16

Wave Motion in Heterogenous Media: Analysis, Modeling and Design
Coordinators: Bojan Guzina (Minneapolis, USA), Bruno Lombard (Marseille, F)
June 19 - 23

Liquid Interfaces, Drops and Sprays (LIDESP)
Coordinators: Alidad Amirfazli (Toronto, Canada), Volfango Bertola (Liverpool, UK)
June 26 - 30

Physics of Granular Suspensions: Micromechanics of Geophysical Flow
Coordinators: Laurent Lacaze (Toulouse, F), Marco Mazzuoli (Genoa, I)
July 3 - 7

Machine Learning for Fluid Mechanics
Coordinators: Steven L. Brunton (Seattle,WA, USA), Bernd R. Noack (Guangdong, CN)
July 10 - 14

Variational Methods for Complex Materials and Processes
Coordinators: Klaus Hackl (Bochum, D), Dorothee Knees (Kassel, D)
July 17 - 21

Microphysics of Atmospheric Clouds
Coordinator: Daniela Tordella (Turin, I)
July 24 - 28


Vehicle Dynamics, Control and Design
Coordinators: Basilio Lenzo (Padua, I), Frank Naets (Leuven, B)
September 4 - 8

Lagrangian Approaches to Multiphysics Two-Phase Flows
Coordinators: Christophe Henry (Valbonne, F), Jacek Pozorski (Gdańsk, PL)
September 11 - 15

Scientific Machine Learning in Design Optimization
Coordinators: Stefanie Elgeti (Wien, A), Matthias Möller (Delft, NL)
September 18 - 22

Batteries - Basic Principles, Experimental Investigations and Modeling Across Scales
Coordinators: Arnulf Latz (Ulm, D), Wolfgang Wall (Munich, D)
September 25 - 29

Landslides Mechanics: from Complex Granular Behaviour to Field-Scale Flows
Coordinators: Roland Kaitna (Wien, A), Anne Mangeney (Paris, F)
October 2 - 6

Model Order Reduction for Design, Analysis and Control of Nonlinear Vibratory Systems
Coordinators: Attilio Frangi (Milan, I), Cyril Touzé (Palaiseau, F)
October 9 - 13

Virtual Elements for Problems in Mechanics
Coordinators: Lourenco Beirao da Veiga (Milan, I), Peter Wriggers (Hannover, D)
October 16 - 20

Delays and Structures in Dynamical Systems: Modeling, Analysis and Numerical Methods
Coordinators: Dimitri Breda (Udine, I), Jianhong Wu (Toronto, CAN)
November 20 - 24

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