Instructions for Volume Contributors

These instructions tell you how to use the template file. The template is based on the memoir document class (by Peter Wilson) and the package CCLAuthor.

The template is set up for LaTeX2e with AMS-LaTeX which provides various enhancements for dealing with math (many environments for displayed material and lots of symbols) and the natbib package for bibliography.

The template loads some AMS packages for the definition of some common environments (theorem, proposition, lemma, corollary, definition, remark, example, proof).

The template file ContribsTemplate.tex allows you to drop non essential packages as well as to add packages required by your contribution.

Please follow these steps to download files, check your LaTeX installation, typeset your contribution and check the fonts embedded in the resulting PDF file.

Carefully read the instructions (Contribs.pdf) for manuscript preparation: it contains important information and its source (Contribs.tex) may help you in the editing process.

Steps 1 and 2 below explain what should be downloaded and how your LaTeX paths can be validated. Step 3 deals with the typesetting of your contribution using the supplied template file, and Step 4 shows how to check the fonts embedded in the resulting PDF file.

  • Step 1. Download the following file to a directory (say myDir):
  • Step 2. In order to test your LaTeX installation, please download to myDir the following files:
    • Contribs.tex(the LaTeX source of Contribs.pdf)
    • samplefig.eps (a sample illustration)
    • Contribs.bib (a sample BibTeX file of bibliographic data)
    • Step 2.a Typeset Contribs.tex
    • Step 2.b. Run BibTeX on Contribs.aux
    • Step 2.c. Typeset Contribs.tex (twice!)
  • Step 3. Download ContribsTemplate.tex, save a copy and edit it with your material.
    • The instructions (Contribs.pdf) were generated using this template:
    • a look at the source Contribs.tex and to the BibTeX bibliography database Contribs.bib may help.
  • Step 4. When the PDF file is ready, open it with Adobe Reader and
    • choose Fonts (from the* Document Properties* in the File menu)
    • to check that only Type1 or TrueType fonts have been embedded into your file.