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Efficient High-Order Discretizations for Computational Fluid Dynamics

Kronbichler, Martin, Persson, Per-Olof (Eds.)

The book introduces modern high-order methods for computational fluid dynamics. As compared to low order finite volumes predominant in today's production codes, higher order discretizations significantly reduce dispersion errors, the main source of error in long-time simulations of flow at higher Reynolds numbers. A major goal of this book is to teach the basics of the discontinuous Galerkin (DG) method in terms of its finite volume and finite element ingredients. It also discusses the computational efficiency of high-order methods versus state-of-the-art low order methods in the finite difference context, given that accuracy requirements in engineering are often not overly strict.

The book mainly addresses researchers and doctoral students in engineering, applied mathematics, physics and high-performance computing with a strong interest in the interdisciplinary aspects of computational fluid dynamics. It is also well-suited for practicing computational engineers who would like to gain an overview of discontinuous Galerkin methods, modern algorithmic realizations, and high-performance implementations.